As I was saying

There will be a demo soon, I promise
More on the name change thing, we are still changing names and WCE is now my personal dev-blog
I won’t reveal the new name of the studio because the website isn’t done yet
that’s all, really. shoo! I got code to write.

Sorry for the lack of recent updates

As mentioned earlier I am travelling soon (three days left!) which is why I am lacking the time to properly mention what I am doing, for a quick progress update:
時間の天使, Progress is fine I can decompress Yaz0, Yay0 and MI0, currently reverse engineering the mesh format.
ao oni, haven’t worked on since last update, lacking the time
FUESAGOW, been doing some light work on this, added some easter eggs nothing worth mentioning (well, at least not unless I want to spoil the easter eggs…)
Also working on a secret project that a very small amount of people know of, will announce it whenever it’s done.